Ian Somerhalder and Dylan Burgess offer their support to our first ever PDA Society Parents Conference!

Dylan Burgess and his family have offered their support to the first ever PDA Society conference;  by designing and funding the creation of PDA wristbands, a banner and other merchandise for use/distribution at our first ever conference for parents and carers.

Dylan (13) is supporting our work because he hopes that raising awareness of PDA will lead to more people understanding the condition that he will live with for the rest of his life.

Actor Ian Somerhalder can be seen wearing one of the wristbands designed by Dylan.

Ian, who is a good friend of the Burgess family, has stated that he will wear his wristband in the US;  in the hope of raising awareness of PDA more globally.

We would like to thank Dylan and his family and their friend Ian for offering their support to the PDA Society conference, and also for working towards raising greater awareness and understanding of PDA in the UK and overseas.