The PDA Society were thrilled to be contacted by My Family Our Needs to provide consultation for their July edition of ‘In The Spotlight’ which focused on PDA.  My Family Our Needs is a popular lifestyle site and online resource for families, carers and practitioners supporting children and young adults with additional needs.  They are also the organisers and founders of the BAPS SEND blogger awards which, thanks to the many votes from SEND bloggers, families affected by PDA and individuals with PDA, we were delighted to win, in May of this year, in the ‘Practical Support for Families’ in category.


Here are a couple of brief extracts from the article.  To read the article in full just click on the link here and please do leave a comment in the comments section, at the end of the article, to raise further awareness and understanding of PDA.


Misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis of Pathological Demand Avoidance is common. In a survey of 138 children before the PDA Society’s conference in 2015, it was found that on average they had 2.5 diagnoses each! This is partly because unpicking the complexities involved in assessing individuals who present with a PDA profile can be tricky. However, using inappropriate support strategies for individuals with PDA can be ineffective, counter-productive and even, in some cases, damaging, so it is essential that PDA is more widely understood.


It’s also important not to lose sight of the fact that individuals with PDA have many positive qualities. They are often very likeable, sociable and chatty. They can have real charm and charisma, be affectionate, determined, creative and passionate, have a vivid imagination and enjoy humour. These many strengths and qualities can also be channelled to capture their interest in learning and socialising