The PDA Society has recorded a free 20 minute introductory webinar about PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance).

In this new webinar, we talk about what demand avoidance is, how PDA relates to autism, what the key features of PDA are and why identifying PDA is helpful. We also take a quick look at the latest research and clinical themes before getting into the detail of how PDA can feel, what demands are and what demand avoidance looks like in PDA and finally we focus on helpful approaches and signpost further information.



The webinar is also available in the resources section of our website, here, with our other free webinars and videos and on our YouTube channel as well. We hope it’s a helpful introduction and helps to put PDA on everyone’s radar.

The PDA Society also offers a range of online and bespoke courses – please contact us for further information or to make an enquiry. For details of upcoming courses please see PDA Society events listing.