PDA Day is on Saturday 15th May.

This year we’re focusing on professionals who work with PDA children and adults – GPs, clinicians, teachers/TAs/SENCos, educational psychologists, social workers, therapists (speech & language, occupational therapy, psychology, physiotherapy …), charities, nurses/mentors/counsellors, outreach workers, people working in Local Authorities and others.

Our 5th anniversary survey highlighted that much more needs to be done to further understanding, acceptance and action about PDA amongst professionals.

We’ll be …

  • sharing examples of best practice with written resources, visuals and videos
  • reporting back on our survey (see below)
  • announcing a new guide to identifying PDA, written by a multidisciplinary team of experts
  • sharing training & development opportunities

If you’d like to join in, here are some ways you can help …

Complete our survey
We’d like to share your positive stories of best practice and what has worked well in relation to PDA along with your thoughts on what professionals need to know about PDA. We’d like to hear from PDA individuals, families and professionals please 🙂 You can find out more or take the survey here.

Contact professionals
Sharing information with the professionals you’re in contact with is a great way to raise awareness and increase understanding. We’ve created a new one page letter that’s easy to share … it can be downloaded & emailed or printed & posted/handed over in person (when Covid restrictions allow!). Tagging professionals on our social media posts is also really helpful, so is encouraging them to complete our survey, sign up to receive our newsletter and/or a copy of the identification guide when it’s launched.

Help spread the word about PDA
Our new PDA Day pack has lots of ideas and resources for hosting Covid-safe awareness events and fundraising activities.

Sharing information and resources about PDA with others is a really simple yet effective way to help improve understanding and signpost our services to those in need of support – you might like to share your own information or information from PDA advocates, or feel free to browse our website and share any links, tips, pages, videos or resources you think will be most helpful. If you’re sharing via social media it would be great to use the #PDAday hashtag so that others can find information easily.

As usual, our PDA Day Facebook frame will be available to add to profile pictures, and we’d love to see more of your colourful ‘pandalas’ and PDA Panda ears photos, either on social media with the hashtag #PDAday or via email (if you’re happy for us to share with others).