Some of our volunteers and speakers were privileged to see a ‘script in hand’ performance of a new play in development about PDA called SE(E)N – The Boy Only We See.

The play was written by Sam Horseman, a “PDA Mum”, to highlight the difficult PDA journey many families experience and provide a window into the PDA world. She wanted to help support parents by giving PDA greater public recognition and to help raise awareness and understanding of PDA amongst educators and healthcare professionals.

The play explores life before diagnosis, the difficulties in obtaining a diagnosis and the battle for support, and ends on what life looks like once the correct support and interventions are in place.

This extract from the script accompanies this photo from the performance: “This journey isn’t mine or yours. It’s all of ours.  All us parents who have had no choice but to put our lives on hold. If you listen we all tell the same tale.  If we had one united voice instead of each one of us being made to fight individually. Maybe then …”

The play is in development as we speak and hopes to capture the voices and thoughts of many families and PDAers – watch this space!