In addition to the extensive media coverage about PDA on and around PDA Action Day on 15th May, there has been ongoing interest in PDA with coverage in professional publications, mainstream press and broadcast media – please see PDFs and links below.

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SEN Magazine July/August 2018 – Sally Russell OBE (PDA Society trustee) explains that if a teacher/SENCO has a young person whose behaviour is hard to understand, PDA should be considered. “The PDA profile turns all teaching, parenting and caring norms upside down”. SEN Magazine is the UK’s leading special educational needs magazine.

Care Management Matters July 2018 – Paula Webb (the PDA Society’s Chair and Adult Enquiry Line Lead) ‘Straight Talk’ article: Are people with PDA misunderstood or is it lack of awareness of the condition? Care Management Matters is social care’s ‘thinking person’s magazine’.

Hemel Today – Hemel MP backs Mum’s Call to Action – 22 July

We Are Unique – a community show about autism and various disabilities on NTV Sky Channel 757 hosted by Kevin Healey – 29th August. Mum Debra and daughter Morgan talk about PDA, the differences to Asperger’s and the difficulties with securing an assessment.
Part 2: Debra
Part 3: Morgan

Swansea Bay TV included coverage of PDA training delivered by Positive Autism Support & Training in Swansea on 10 Sept 2018

18th October

Bethany’s Dad’s interview about Bethany’s misunderstood PDA profile on BBC Breakfast

24th October

Kevin Healey’s Autism Live Chat Show focusing on PDA and ATUs with Sally Russell calling for anyone working in these units or in the criminal justice system or elsewhere who have someone puzzling in their care to consider whether PDA could be an explanation and to seek expert advice, also featuring Norman Lamb MP and Bethany’s Dad

27th October

Gillian Mead talks to Kevin Healey on Autism Live Chat Show about her daughter’s shocking case of misunderstood PDA leading to damaging ‘care’