The PDA Society is a small charity providing information, support and training about the PDA profile of autism for individuals, families and professionals.

The charity is volunteer led and run by a committed team who all have a direct connection to PDA. We receive no statutory funding and so rely on donations to deliver our services. 100% of donations is spent on our core services.

Over the last year or two our reach and remit has grown considerably. The PDA Society is respected worldwide as the trusted source of information and support for this much misunderstood profile of autism.

To remain effective and sustainable, we now need to take on more paid support and fund some project management expertise.

This will help us to continue delivering our services and work towards ensuring that the PDA presentation becomes commonly recognised with improved, person-centred understanding and support.

To do this we need to raise additional funds and are asking for your help to help us to help others.

The PDA Society helped when no one else would or could.

You’ve been a life raft in a sea of adversity and ignorance.

The PDA Society is the most productive and proactive charity I know.

Without you I’d still be drowning in the unknown. I now know we are not alone, who to talk to, who to stand up to and who to listen to.

Your website gave me back my sense of dignity.

A small monthly donation (from just £2 a month) can make the world of difference … please use the secure form below if you’re able to support us:

Thank you.