We have been asked to share details of two current petitions relating to the PDA profile of autism which you may be interested in signing/sharing:

A petition to the UK Government & Parliament to Raise awareness and make Pathological Demand Avoidance a recognisable diagnosis – deadline 20th December 2019

A petition set up by Victoria Wilding calling for PDA to be recognised in the UK as a specific, diagnosable condition and added to the diagnostic manual. Victoria says “For my family we have been fighting for the correct diagnosis for ten years now and still we are left with no support. With PDA individuals can have better social understanding meaning (girls especially) they don’t necessarily meet the criteria for a full autistic diagnosis. My daughter appears to socialise but it’s surface sociability. I have been physically, emotionally and mentally abused by my fight for recognition. It should not be a post code lottery on whether or not you get help!”

A petition to the Scottish Parliament & Government to create A toolkit for working with the Pathological Demand Avoidance profile of ASD – deadline 21st August 2019

A petition set up by Patricia Hewitt and Barbara Irvine calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to:
1. Draw up in co-operation with others, a toolkit for professionals to assist in diagnosing and designing therapeutic support for children, young people and adults who have Pathological Demand Avoidance, a profile within the autism spectrum
2. Offer training in the use of such a toolkit and additionally to signpost, promote and facilitate other training by those who have successfully developed therapeutic programmes
3. Provide access to appropriate education, therapies and interventions to reduce or minimise the effects of the condition for the individuals and their families and carers