To help education professionals prepare for an inclusive #BackToSchool this September, we’ve created and compiled some new and existing resources about PDA for education professionals.

We’re also asking all teaching professionals to share these resources with their networks (using the #PDAChampion hashtag on social media) – with 7 in 10 PDA children not in school or regularly struggling to attend, it’s important for every education professional to have PDA on their radar.

NEW PDA for education professionals info sheet

Our new 2 page resource gives education professionals bitesize information about PDA, including how PDA may look in school, good practice and helpful approaches plus where to find further information.

NEW PDA & school avoidance podcast with James

15 year old James shares his thoughts on why school is difficult for young people with a PDA profile.

He openly talks about his experience of school and the daily challenges around demands, masking, sensory difficulties, school avoidance, friendships and transitions.

He also offers some possible solutions and tips for teachers, and shares some coping strategies that have helped him along the way.

A transcript of the episode plus more resources from James can be found here.

Best practice for education professionals

In this podcast, education professionals including teachers, headteachers, trainers, advocates and an educational psychologist, share information about PDA and their tips for best practice.


Thank you to everyone for sharing your experience, expertise and passion. We hope this podcast will help empower other education professionals with information to recognise and support PDA effectively.

Further examples of best practice include …

Training opportunities

We offer a variety of online training options for supporting both PDA children and adults in education settings, which we deliver both directly and on behalf of other organisations (please email to make an enquiry).

In this video, various organisations, including 2 schools, explain why they sought training from the PDA Society and how our training has benefited their staff and the PDA individuals they support.

Our next live online training course for educators supporting PDA young people aged 5-16yrs is on Thursday 2nd September, 9.30am-12.30pm, via Zoom.

Further information & newsletter

We hope our #BackToSchool resources about PDA have been helpful. There’s lots more general information about PDA throughout our website and our working with PDA pages may also be of interest. We can also provide further information relating to education and PDA on request – please email

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