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A 2 hour webinar with Sam Harris and Harry Thompson focused on the positive aspects of Autism and a PDA profile.

About this Event

All too often the discussion around Autism and a PDA profile swings toward the negatives. The challenges that person faces, the challenges faced by those supporting them or caring for them. Whilst these challenges are very real, there needs to be a balance. A focus that looks at the strengths an Autistic person with a PDA profile will have, how to utilise them and allow them the space to thrive.

This webinar aims to re-address the balance with 2 hours focused on the positive aspects of Autism and a PDA profile.

BISnet trainer Sam Harris has been supporting Autistic people with a PDA profile for over a decade and is joined for this webinar by Harry Thompson, author of the PDA Paradox: the highs and lows of my life on a little known part of the Autism Spectrum.

During the webinar, they will discuss:

* The potential that exists within the profile

* Using special interests

* Pathways to success

* Changing yourself to support change

There will also be a sharing space at the end for positive input and examples. Not a Q&A as such, although you are welcome to ask questions and we will do our best to answer.


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