Autistic Teen’s Avoidant Eating Workbook


Food can come with all sorts of challenges - sensory issues, social pressure, loss of control - and so making choices about what foods to eat, and coping with mealtimes can be stressful - especially when other people are involved.

If you are neurodivergent and looking to change your relationship with food, this interactive, accessible guide is the perfect companion. You might stick to the same 'safe' foods all the time, be attached to specific mealtime rituals, or struggle to know whether you are hungry or full. This guide will help you recognise the signs of avoidant eating, cope with food related anxieties and manage sensory overload, as well as the particular social stresses of communal eating.

With top tips, a progress tracker, quizzes and worksheets, this is an engaging and informative resource for teens and parents alike.

Author: Dr. Elizabeth Shea

Published: September 2023

This book is not written specifically for PDA children but is Neurodivergent friendly. Parents are advised to read the book before giving it to their child to make sure it is suitable.