DHSC statement on PDA


The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) does not take a position on matters of clinical debate, but does recognise that there is a valid debate on the PDA profile, and highlights the need for specific support for individuals.

Extract from published ministerial statement “…When assessing how best to meet these needs, professionals should do so without needing a diagnostic label. The lack of consensus on the status of the PDA profile should not be a reason to fail to identify and consider how best to meet the support needs of an individual. It is essential that health, education and social care providers work together to recognise that as young people’s needs vary, there must be effective and responsive support for those needs."



In addition, the Government announcement of the review of their Autism Strategy included the following information:

“The review will inform the new joint adults and children autism strategy to be published in autumn 2019. The review looks at...

...improving understanding of autism and all its profiles, including recently identified forms such as pathological demand avoidance (PDA)”