Its a PanDA thing


“It’s a PanDA thing” is the third in a series of short picture stories aimed at supporting those first conversations between parents, carers and their children about an Autism, Aspergers or PDA related diagnosis.

Inspired by her own journey with her now 8 yr old boy Leo and his brother Ben, the books do not aim to guide or explain symptoms or what they mean - just to very simply recognise and accept what it might feel like to those on the spectrum and those close to them - especially siblings and loved ones.

Beautifully illustrated with the incredible artwork of Zeke Clough you will enjoy the gentle rhyming lilt of Rachel’s prose and also the easy perspective she provides on her boys.

With parents and carer notes provided by the PDA society.

To read the early part of Leo's journey see: The Thing: a young boy's journey with Asperger Syndrome.


Author: Rachel Jackson