Uniquely Human: A Different Way of Seeing Autism (Human Horizons)


Autism is a different way of being human: it offers possibilities and opportunities, not disabilities. By understanding autistic behaviours as responses based on an individual's experiences, as strategies to cope with a chaotic world, Barry Prizant seeks to enhance a child's abilities, to teach new skills, help individuals build on their strengths and develop coping strategies that could aid the fulfilment of every child's promise.

ESSENTIAL READING FOR ANY PARENT, TEACHER, THERAPIST OR CAREGIVER OF A PERSON ON THE AUTISM SPECTRUM. In understanding those on the autism spectrum as developing human beings Uniquely Human debunks many of the false, and antiquated, negative stereotypes that surround autism. It is a first step towards a greater understanding of people with autism and an essential part of their successful participation in and contribution to society.

With a wealth of inspiring stories and practical information that shares all that Barry Prizant has learnt from thousands of children and older people with autism and their families over forty years Uniquely Human conveys a deep respect for the qualities in people on the autism spectrum that make them special. It offers a compassionate and insightful perspective that could be life-changing as well as uplifting.


Author: Barry M Prizant

Publisher: Souvenir Press Ltd