PDA in the Family

PDA in the Family is an honest account of Steph's experience with her daughter, Sasha, and provides valuable insights from the whole family. Steph became a trainer for PDA Society over ten years ago, and she regularly helps other families and educators learn as much as possible about PDA.
Author: Steph Curtis

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

Ruth Fidler, Education Consultant:
Steph's personal account of parenting her daughter is a triumph. This honest, reflective and positive book will be both informative and supportive to so many families and professionals. I can't recommend it enough for anyone whose life is touched by a young PDAer.
Phil Christie, Consultant Child Psychologist:
This detailed and positive account will resonate with other families and those involved with a child with a PDA profile. Full of practical advice and insightful reflections, Steph vividly illustrates her daughter's development and the influence this has on family life and relationships. She also describes the complexities in navigating the diagnostic and educational pathways, which will be shared by many parents.
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