Disorders in childhood: Overview for paediatricians


Behavioural and emotional disorders in childhood: A brief overview for paediatricians

This is a review of all relevant published literature relating to behavioural, emotional and developmental problems in children and adolescents. It is intended as a guide for clinicians and aims to raise awareness of the importance of recognising and diagnosing problems early on in childhood.

The paper contains clear descriptions of how childhood behavioural and emotional disorders present clinically and how they are diagnosed using the universally recognised Diagnostic and Statistical Manual version 5 (DSM-5). The Extreme Demand Avoidance Questionnaire (EDA-Q) is mentioned for its value in diagnosing PDA.

Challenging Behaviours (CB) are recognised to have a significant impact on an individual’s learning and social opportunities. The paper highlights potential difficulties with schooling, sleeping, family and later professional life. The prevalence and aetiology of mental health issues amongst young people with behavioural and emotional issues is also discussed.

Current guidance for diagnosing and managing children with behavioural and emotional disorders is reviewed. Included are descriptions of the interventions available along with an overview of appropriate medications.


Author: Michael O Ogundele

First published: World Journal of Clinical Pediatrics, February 8th 2018