Life on an Alien Planet: A PDA boy and his journey through the education system


Katie Stott provides a detailed account of the PDA specific behaviours in her son Fraser and how she learnt to lessen the impact of these by focusing on the cause (anxiety and a need for control), rather than the effect. Katie explains how Fraser’s sensory issues also contributed to his every day challenges at school as he became increasingly isolated from his classmates and faced risk of expulsion when the school became unable to cope. The book goes on to explore Katie’s fight to gain recognition of PDA in school and despite significant obstacles, the way she eventually managed to secure an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and a specialist school so that Fraser could learn, make friends and thrive once again.

Also see Understand Me: An inspiring journey of a boy with PDA by Spencer Stott.


Author: Katie Stott

Publisher: Independently published