Sleep Misfits: The reality of Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome & Non-24


Sleep Misfits is the first book to extensively explore delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS) and non-24-hour-sleep-wake disorder (Non-24) through the words of actual experients.

Although circadian sleep disorders have seen an increase in published research and media coverage, they are still little-known and little-understood. There remains massive prejudice and discrimination against those of us whose body clocks prevent us from waking and sleeping at socially-approved hours. The main purpose of this book is to tackle these wide-scale negative assumptions by increasing empathy.

Additionally, the book is intended to serve as a manual for people affected, including their families. A detailed section on childhood is included for the many parents confused and exasperated by their children’s wayward sleep hours.

Text book style descriptions are supplemented with research links, and sit alongside comments volunteered by real-life DSPS and Non-24 people, and a wealth of illustrations.

Available on Amazon worldwide as an illustrated paperback, and text-only ebook. The ebook is free to borrow via Kindle Unlimited.

Sally Cat is kindly donating royalties from this book to the PDA Society - for more info on PDA and sleep please see the results of our sleep survey in which 10% of responses indicated circadian rhythm difficulty of some sort, which involves disruptive changes to our internal body clock and sleep timing.


Author: Sally Cat