Measurement of Adult Traits


The Measurement of Adult Pathological Demand Avoidance Traits

This paper reports two studies that were carried out to test the validity of the EDA-QA (Extreme Demand Avoidance Questionnaire for Adults) when screening for PDA in adults. Participants in the study were volunteers recruited from a variety of specialist online forums that focused on the needs and concerns of individuals with ASD.

Participants completed either the short or full forms of the Autism Screening Questionnaire (ASQ). Scores were also collected from other recognised measures of behavioural and personality traits associated with ASD. The overlap of these scores with those from the EDA-QA were analysed and it was concluded that the EDA-QA can be used to screen for PDA.

This paper is useful for professionals and individuals interested in the diagnostic pathways available for adults with PDA.


Authors: Vincent Egan, Omer Linenberg and Elizabeth O’Nions

Published: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 2019