Progressing the research


Research Meeting Report

PDA is currently widely understood as being part of the autism spectrum. However, this area of research is in its infancy, with a range of perspectives currently evident. High quality, robust research is urgently needed to increase our understanding of autism as a whole, and demand avoidance specifically; to identify what approaches are helpful; and to establish how we can all best talk about the PDA profile.

On Tuesday 8th January 2019, the PDA Society hosted a research meeting to share current findings, thinking and insights by academic researchers and other stakeholders. The aim was to share existing research work, build greater common understanding, identify research priorities and focus on what can be done to help. 31 participants came from across the UK and Ireland and all found the meeting to be worthwhile and positive.

Relevant published articles relating to Pathological Demand Avoidance are listed on our website as they become available.

The PDA Society will be continuing to encourage collaboration by hosting a 'research hub' to keep the community in touch with developments. If you are a researcher with an interest in this area, please get in touch to find out more.