EHCP guide


Education, Health and Care Plans to support a PDA profile of autism.

An Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) is a document used in England to outline a child or young person’s special educational needs (SEN) and the provision that should be made to meet those needs.

Not every PDA child or young person will have, or need, an EHCP but for those who do, these examples of good practice will hopefully provide a starting point for families and professionals. In addition, you would not expect an EHCP to cover all the areas identified here; just those which would be of most help for each individual child/young person. This resource intends to provide you with a ‘database’ of possibilities.

This resource has been compiled from suggestions from both families and education professionals supporting PDA children and young people and in consultation with our PDA adult panel. Many of these suggestions are useful for anyone who would benefit from an EHCP and some relate more specifically to demand avoidance.


Published by: PDA Society
First version: January 2021
Second version: July 2021